Aanrem Zykor

the Hellfire Demon, HD for short


Bound by Solstice

First encountered by Zinder and his son Mordecai

Harbormaster MaCarthur knows his true name

Serves Jerrico

Searching the Necropolis for his human bones


Character Points 86 of 120

Demon Mind (Senses 8) – Action None, Range Personal, Duration Permanent. Accurate and Acute for Hearing and Smell: Can pinpoint something’s exact location with an accurate sense, such as to target something in combat. Can sense fine details about anything you can detect with an acute sense, allowing you to distinguish between and identify different subjects. Magic Awareness: Can sense the use of magic descriptor effects with a successful Perception check (DC 10, with –1 to your check per 10 feet range). Infravision: Can see in the infrared portion of the spectrum, allowing you to see heat patterns. Darkness does not provide concealment for objects differing in temperature from their surroundings. The Gamemaster is the final judge on how long heat patterns remain visible. Ultra-Hearing: Can hear very high and low frequency sounds, like dog whistles or ultrasonic signals, including those used by some remote controls. (8 points)

Demon Body (Immunity 9) – Action None, Range Personal, Duration Permanent. Immune to aging, disease, environmental conditions of heat, starvation and thirst, and fire damage. (9 points) LINKED (Regeneration 10) – Action None, Range Personal, Duration Permanent. Recovers from being incapacitated, then staggered, then dazed, and finally removes a -1 Toughness penalty every round until fully recovered. EXTRA Persistent: Can recover from Incurable attacks. FLAW Quirk: Can’t recover from holy, angelic or good attacks. (10 points)

Demon Soul (Affliction 8) – Action Reaction, Range Close, Duration Instant. Impose debilitating conditions on a target, higher degree conditions replace lower degree conditions and do not stack with them. Will vs. DC 18, Success No effect, Failure (one degree) the target is Impaired by fear (–2 circumstance penalty on checks), Failure (two degrees) the target is Disabled by terror (–5 circumstance penalty on checks). The target of an Affliction makes a resistance check at the end of each of his turns to remove first and second degree conditions. EXTRA Innate: An innate part of your nature and unaffected by Nullify. EXTRA Reaction: Activates when you are viewed through exotic Awareness or applicable senses. FLAW Limited Degree: No more than two degrees of effect. FLAW Sense-Dependent: The target gets a Dodge resistance check. Success means the target has managed to avert his eyes and the effect doesn’t work. Otherwise the effect works normally and the target makes the usual resistance check against it, if any. Opponents aware of a Sense-Dependent effect can also deliberately block the targeted sense. This provides a +10 bonus to resistance checks against the effect, but gives others partial concealment from that sense. An opponent unable to use a sense is immune to effects dependent on it. FLAW Uncontrolled: Have no control over this effect. Instead, the Gamemaster decides when and how it works (essentially making it a plot device). (9 points)

Hellfire (Energy Control [Ranged Damage] 8) – Action Standard, Range Ranged, Duration Instant. You can generate and project a type of energy in a damaging blast. The target resists with Toughness vs. [Damage rank + 15], Success The damage has no effect, Failure (one degree) The target has a –1 circumstance penalty to further resistance checks against damage, Failure (two degrees) The target is dazed until the end of their next turn and has a –1 circumstance penalty to further checks against damage, Failure (three degrees) The target is staggered and has a -1 circumstance penalty to further checks against damage. If the target is staggered again (three degrees of failure on a Damage resistance check), apply the fourth degree of effect. The staggered condition remains until the target recovers, Failure (four degrees) The target is incapacitated. The circumstance penalties to Toughness checks are cumulative, so a target who fails three resistance checks against Damage, each with one degree of failure, has a total –3 penalty. If an incapacitated target fails a resistance check against Damage, the target’s condition shifts to dying. A dying target who fails a resistance check against Damage is dead. EXTRA Area: No attack check is needed; the effect simply fills the designated area. Potential targets in the area are permitted a Dodge resistance check (DC 18) to avoid some of the effect (reflecting ducking for cover, dodging out of the way, and so forth). A successful resistance check reduces the Area effect to half its normal rank against that target (round down, minimum of 1 rank). Shapable: The effect fills a volume of 30 cubic feet (volume rank 5), and you may shape the volume as you wish, so long as it all remains contiguous. EXTRA Incurable: Effects such as Healing and Regeneration cannot heal the damage caused by an effect with this modifier; the target must recover at the normal rate. (25 points)

Hellstone (Create 6) – Action Standard, Range Ranged, Duration Continuous. You can form solid objects essentially out of nowhere, made of solidified energy. You can form any shape or object. The GM has final say on whether or not a particular object is too complex for this effect. They can be solid or hollow, opaque or transparent, as you choose when you use the effect, limited by your descriptors and the Gamemaster’s judgment. You can create an object with a maximum volume rank of 60 cubic feet and Toughness of 6. Created objects can be damaged or broken like ordinary objects. You can repair any damage to a created object at will by using your effect again (essentially “re-creating” the object). Your created objects are stationary once you have created them, although other effects can move them. Assume a created object has a mass rank equal to its volume rank. A created object can provide cover or concealment (if the object is opaque) just like a normal object. Cover provided by a created object can block incoming attacks, but blocks outgoing attacks as well. Attacks hitting the covering object damage it normally. Indirect effects can bypass the cover a created object provides just like any other cover. You can trap a target inside a large enough hollow object (a cage or bubble, for example). This requires both an attack check against the target’s Dodge and a Dodge resistance check against the effect’s rank. A trapped character can break out of the object normally. Imposing conditions on the target other than just trapping them requires a separate effect, which you may wish to acquire as an Alternate Effect. While a created object can potentially be wielded as an improvised weapon, the effect cannot otherwise create attacks or other effects; you must acquire these effects separately (perhaps as Alternate Effects). EXTRA Continuous: Objects remain until they are destroyed, nullified, or you choose to dismiss them. EXTRA Movable: Can move your created objects around with a Move Object effect at your Create rank. Action Standard, Range Ranged, Duration Sustained. You can move objects at a distance without touching them. Move Object has no action/reaction; a moving object cannot drag the character “holding on” to it, for example. This effect is also not considered “physical contact” or “touch” for effects requiring it. Your effective Strength for lifting and moving objects with this effect is equal to your rank. By taking a move action to concentrate you can increase this by +1 Str, changing the effect’s duration to Concentration. This is in addition to using extra effort to further increase your rank. This effect can move objects, but cannot perform tasks of fine manipulation like untying knots, typing, or manipulating controls. Objects thrown into targets as attacks base their damage off your power rank as if it were your Strength rank. Move Object cannot inflict damage directly; you can’t “punch” or “crush” objects with it. You can use it to make disarm, grab, and trip attacks. EXTRA Precise: Can create more precise and detailed objects. The exact parameters are up to the GM, but generally, you can create objects with moving parts, and considerable detail. EXTRA Stationary: Created objects hang immobile in the air. They resist being moved with a Strength rank equal to the modifier rank. (25 points)

Complication – Reputation: You have a bad reputation, affecting what others think of you (whether you deserve it or not). Having someone adopt a bad attitude toward you because of your reputation is a complication. You might struggle to overcome your reputation, taking chances or facing difficulties others do not as a result. HD’s bad reputation is based on being a demon, and people’s prejudice against him if and when they find out.

Complication – Secret: You have something potentially damaging or embarrassing you’re hiding from the world. The most common secret for heroes is their true identity, but it could be a secret weakness (another complication) or some dark secret from your past. Occasionally, something (or someone) may threaten to reveal your secret. HD’s secret is his true name, which can be used to enhance powerful and deadly spells against him.

Complication – Quest: HD’s quest is to find his human bones within the Necropolis and give himself a proper burial.

Aanrem Zykor

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